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Frequently asked questions


Where is your service offered?

We are available in new york city, including parts of new jersey & long island.


Where is the food prepared?

Meal Prep Chef is a personal chef service that cooks in your home. As long as you have basic cooking equipment (knives, cutting boards, mixing bowls, pots, pans, etc..), you will be good to go!


What kind of food do you cook?

We believe in eating food made from real, whole, natural ingredients. We cook healthy, fresh, meals and are able to accommodate for any personal dietary needs or allergies. We have cooked for clients on specific diets such as vegan, pescatarian, whole30, low fodmap, paleo, & ketogenic.


I have an allergy, am gluten-free or have a specific dietary restriction. Can you accommodate?

Absolutely! This is why we exist- to offer delicious healthy meals no matter what! We have experience cooking for whole30, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low fodmap, paleo, ketogenic diets and more.


Do you provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Each service is customized specifically for the you! Some clients request breakfasts, lunches & dinners, while others might only need dinners and healthy snacks. We can accommodate any number of meals for any number of people per household and the cooking rate will be based on approximately how long it takes to prepare that amount of food.


How many cooking sessions per week are necessary?

We recommend 1-3 cooking sessions per week depending on how much food you would like prepared. We recommend that food be eaten within  4 days.

How long does the food last?

We recommend eating all fresh food within 4 days. If you would like the food to last longer, freeze items within the first few days and defrost for later! Let us know and we can plan some freezer-friendly items on your menu. 

How is the menu selected?

Your chef will provide a customized menu for you on a weekly basis based on your food preferences. This will include any specific requests you’ve made. You will have the opportunity to review the menu and request any modifications.


How does scheduling work?

You and your chef will schedule a regular weekly time slot based on your preferred day of the week. The service will occur weekly unless you have notified of cancellation at least 48 hours in advance.

What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy in order to accommodate all client requests and out of respect for our chef’s time. Without 48 hours notice, the service fee will still apply. to view our cancellation policy and other policies, click here.

if you need to skip a week due to travel or other obligations, please inform us of any dates as far in advance as possible.


Do I have to be home for the service?

No. We often cook for clients while they are at work and they come home to a clean kitchen and refrigerator stocked full of deliciousness!


How do groceries work?

Groceries will be ordered online by your chef and delivered to your home prior to your chef’s arrival. Grocery costs will get billed directly to the client’s credit card on file.

if you need us to use a grocery method other than delivery, a shopping fee may apply.


What containers should i use?

We highly recommend using glass containers, for environmental and health reasons. We are happy to use any tupperware containers that you already have. If you need to stock up on containers or upgrade, we highly recommend these containers from our friends at Prep Naturals.


Do you cook for kids/babies?

Absolutely! We love cooking for the whole family! We love helping your picky eaters try new vegetables in creative ways or creating homemade organic fruit & vegetable purees for your growing infant.

How does payment work?

we send a weekly invoice that can be paid online. it is set up for bank transfer with an option to pay with credit card (transaction fee may be applied). Check out all payment policies here.


I’m in! What’s the next step?

Fill out this inquiry form here to fill us in on what you’re looking for and set up an initial consultation.