By using Meal Prep Chef services, you agree to the following policies:

Cancellation Policy:

If client cancels within 48 hours, 50% of the session will be charged. If client cancels within 24 hours, 100% of the session fee is owed.

This is out of respect of our chefs and their time, and in order to accommodate a full schedule of other clients.

Grocery delivery cancellation is the responsibility of the client. Meal Prep Chef will help to cancel the groceries, if within cutoff time.

If you plan to be out of town or need to reschedule your cooking session for any reason, please provide as much notice as possible.


Weekly invoice will be sent via Quickbooks online to your email address and can be paid electronically.

Bank transfer is our preferred method of payment and has no additional charge. 

Credit card payment is also accepted and will incur a 3.5% processing fee on each transaction.

If you would like to put a credit card on file to have us charge you directly each week and avoid keeping up with weekly payments, please let us know.

Cost of groceries is charged separately to your grocery account and any additionally purchased items will be added to your invoice along with convenience fee (see below).

Shopping Fee:

Meal Prep Chef uses Fresh Direct for grocery delivery. If your chef has to shop for your entire grocery order,, there will be a $35 shopping fee. This may occur either at the client’s request or because the client was unable to confirm the menu in time to place an online grocery order. This typically requires an additional 30-60 minutes of time and we must compensate our chefs accordingly.

Convenience Fee

For any items purchased on behalf of the client (groceries, kitchen items, etc), the total cost will be added to the client’s invoice with a 10% mark up. This small fee helps to cover the transaction fees that occur during the reimbursement process and the extra time we take to provide necessary items.

Late Payment Fee

For any invoices over 30 days overdue, we will add a 15% late fee. You will always be reminded of outstanding invoices and receive email notification of an overdue invoice before we apply the late fee.